How you can make your special days even more enjoyable, With the Reet banquet hall

How you can make your special days even more enjoyable, With the ” Reet” banquet hall

Many activities have been put on hold as a result of the adaption to new routines. From plans to travel abroad, attend a live music concert, or even organize a wedding month in advance. Naturally, this is disappointing news for those of you who had hoped for a fairy-tale wedding.

But fortunately, Weddings are permitted to be held, under the circumstances. Though people must adhere to strict health codes. Reet banquet hall, the Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur offers the perfect wedding destination in the situation

In any case, having a good time and participating in events is a lot of fun. Putting together a successful event, on the other hand, is no easy undertaking. You are concerned with the tiniest of details from the time you arrange the guest lists until the day of your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The theme of an Intimate Wedding

In addition to virtual sessions with the wedding planner, you are limited in who you can invite to your wedding. The number of attendees at the wedding must be under 50.

As a result, in this new normal period, the intimate wedding concept, where only the closest friends and family are invited, is the most fitting wedding trend. You are welcome to invite your immediate family, your partner’s immediate family, and your closest friends.

With only close friends, and relatives, expecting to attend, you’ll want everything to go smoothly. Any problem can be promptly resolved with the help of Hotel Royal Residency’s Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur, which not only provides a beautiful setting but also aid you in planning the event properly.

Hotel Royal Residency banquet service has several advantages for any event.

Best Quality granted.

Reet is the Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur, with a capacity of 50-60 guests. They make sure that their guests have the nicest furniture and equipment available. They are well-trained and swift, and they make sure the consumer is happy and the event runs smoothly.

Delicious Catering Service

The cuisine is the most important component of the wedding. From appetizers to the main course, desserts, and drinks, there is a lot of food management to be done. Management may prepare whatever meal you desire, and the in-house catering team is capable of doing so. You have complete control over your menu and can serve whatever delicacies you choose to your guests. Hotel Royal Residency is one of Gorakhpur‘s five-star hotels.


You want your visitors to be able to enjoy a breathtaking vista. This Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur has themes and decorating concepts to help bring your celebration to life. Your event will be glitzy and elegant thanks to a variety of lighting, color combinations, and buffet setups.

Cleaning and upkeep

Cleaning and maintenance are good within the banquet hall, and they take on the responsibility of ordering out the entire venue before the event. That is why Reet is considered to be one of the Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur

Cost-effective service

People may have the misconception of Reet being expensive as it is considered to be one of the Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur. But you will save a lot of money by holding your event at a banquet hall. The combined investment is far more advantageous than hiring separate caterers, event planners, and photographers. This Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur is a budget-friendly alternative.


Your dream of having a wedding at the Best banquet hall in Gorakhpur while adjusting to new habits can still come true. The pandemic will not be a hindrance to your dream wedding if you follow the health rules and continue to safeguard each other. Even though the wedding will be placed with a small number of people, the event is a lifetime one. Reet banquet and the Royal Residency staff are keen to host your lifetime event grandly.

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