Top 5 Travel Blunders That You Should Avoid

Top 5 Travel Blunders That You Should Avoid


Are you planning for a trip? Plan it carefully, whether you travel frequently or sometimes; or you’re planning a vacation or business trip. In any of these cases, a small mistake can ruin your whole trip. Have you got your reservations done? Have you checked your visas requirement (in case of a foreign trip)? Did you get all the documents photocopied? These are some of the essentials that cannot be avoided and you need to keep these handy so that your trip doesn’t get messed up. Apart from these, there are some common mistakes that people often make.

Royal Residency Hotel, the best hotel in Gorakhpur is known for its top-notch services in the hospitality industry. In addition, it also makes you aware of the several do’s and don’ts of travelling to different places. Here, in this blog, let’s check out the top five travel blunders that anyone should avoid to make the trip safe, comfortable, enjoyable and of course memorable.

  • Overpacking

This mistake is very common especially if you’re on a vacation trip. You try to take things suitable for all weather conditions and occasions. But in doing so, you burden yourself with extra luggage. This extra luggage can cost you for being overweight during your flights. Take only those things that you’ll need, not what you think you’ll need. Pack your luggage with only minimum essentials of clothing, footwear, accessories and medications. It often happens, you don’t use everything that you carry. Moreover, laundry is available everywhere. So, avoid overpacking to make your trip easier and more convenient.

  • No budget planning

Budget is an important factor that you cannot overlook during your travel. Plan your budget to experience the place more creatively and authentically instead of it being a restriction. Budgeting beforehand, helps you to be more resourceful and open up to new possibilities. Adopt a realistic approach and be ready for unexpected additional costs. Don’t let any mishap or constraints ruin your well-earned vacation.

  • Keeping mobile charger, power backs handy

To avoid overpacking doesn’t mean that you forget to keep a charger or power backup. These are essentials and you’ll be forced to buy an overpriced charger. Forgetting these causes unnecessary pain and expense. It usually happens that people forget their charger in the charging port at the last moment. So, check at the last moment for the mobile charger before locking your doors behind or buy a new charger and store it in your luggage during the packing itself. Take power back also with you. Because you never know about the availability of electricity or the charging points at the place where you’ll be staying. 

  • Not guarding yourself of some mishaps such as theft or pickpocketing

While you’re travelling, you need to be conscious of the people around you. Don’t expose valuables, cash or expensive electronic gadgets. These can attract frauds or pickpockets. If you don’t need them, keep them hidden in locked bags.

  • Avoid overeating and overdrinking

While you’re on a trip, don’t overeat and overdrink. This would unnecessarily cause trouble and ruin your time. Overeating may cause gastric problems that would make you unfit. Also, eat at local cuisine and taste the variety of foods available. Over drinking would suck a large part of your money and may also put you at the risk of getting robbed or injured. Instead either avoid drinking or drink in moderation.

  • Conclusion

Thus, having gone through this piece of information, you can now take care of and avoid these simple but common mistakes. Be practical and don’t have unrealistic expectations. Even if you become prey to these mistakes, don’t get disappointed. Remember them as a learning experience and use them to grow as a traveller. Royal Residency, the luxury hotel in Gorakhpur is always at your service. So, whenever you plan a trip to Gorakhpur, try our best services and make your trip memorable.

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