What Is a Theme Restaurant and How Does It Work

What Is a Theme Restaurant and How Does It Work?

Gorakhpur, a lovely city is famed for its diverse culture and is a foodie’s dream. With so many Restaurants in Golghar,Gorakhpur to pick from, attracting and mesmerizing settings are becoming increasingly important in people’s decisions. Restaurants in Golghar,Gorakhpur with a distinct atmosphere that gives a zest to the otherwise mundane dining experience are favored and valued. A theme-based restaurant by Royal residency Gorakhpur called Shahanshah is one of the city’s most popular attractions. It has been creatively crafted and developed to depict an unwavering passion for Bollywood’s Big-B.

A theme restaurant has a specific theme in its décor, name, food, or any combination of these elements. Many theme restaurants may be found throughout the world, with themes ranging from medieval times to rainforests to famous people. Theme restaurants are frequently found in tourist locations and cater to travelers’ desire to eat at a novel or unique enterprises. Many people feel that because so much emphasis is focused on implementing the concept, the cuisine at a theme restaurant is of lower quality, however, this is not always the case.

A theme restaurant can be found in a variety of locales depending on the geographic region and the restaurateur’s focus. Because of the significant number of new consumers in the area, larger tourist attractions may also feature theme Restaurants in Golghar,Gorakhpur. A theme restaurant owner may easily attract a big number of guests who are passing through the area and have never heard of the theme restaurant.

The fact that a theme restaurant’s theme is present in every area of the restaurant distinguishes it from other restaurants. Outside, in the lobby area, where customers eat, in the serving pieces, in the cuisine, and even in the bathrooms, the theme decorations may be found. Many people come to eat because of the restaurant’s overdone and lavish portrayal of its theme. Because this type of restaurant normally necessitates a significant financial commitment, the proprietors anticipate a large clientele due to the theme.

About the Shahanshah Restaurant

When one of the creators of this theme-based restaurant by Royal residency Gorakhpur, was looking at a life-size poster of Big-B posted in his room on a freezing February night, the idea of creating Shahanshah, a theme-based restaurant for Big-B came to him. Shahanshah by Royal residency Gorakhpur, a world-renowned, one-of-a-kind restaurant that was not only thematic but also designed to take people down memory lane by flashing classic memorabilia of Big-famous B’s songs and movies, was launched in June last year with the passion and vision of providing a good food experience for the people of Gorakhpur. Here are some of the reasons why this incredible restaurant is a complete sensory experience, down to the smallest detail in the decor.

Royal residency Gorakhpur’s SHAHENSHAH is a multi-cuisine restaurant specializing in Continental, Oriental, European, Indian, and Chinese. We aim to add a better experience to your life with a unique Bollywood style, for dining events.

Our dishes are prepared with one goal in mind – a memorable food experience.


Royal Residency Gorakhpur presents “Shahanshah: Taste main Baap,” fine dining themed place based on the renowned actor of the industry whom we all love, appreciate, and inspire to be Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Poora Naam. Dinanath Chauhan, Baap Ka Naam.

Many Restaurants in Golghar,Gorakhpur have theme evenings, even if they aren’t classic theme restaurants. These could be themed nights, such as a murder mystery night, or nights based on a specific culinary or regional cuisine, an entertainment theme, or something enjoyable. Without investing money in the constant portrayal of the theme, a restaurant may be able to draw a large crowd for these unique occasions. 

But Shahenshah is different. 

The venue is set up to take you on a journey via legendary memorabilia from Kabhi- Kabhi Mere Dil Main Khayal Aata, Khaike Paan Banaraswala, Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai, Jumma Chumma De, and more.

It’s a unique experience to visit this Restaurants in Golghar,Gorakhpur and enjoy the best old Bollywood memories!

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