Why Choose Royal Residency if you are Planning A Socially-Distanced Wedding in Gorakhpur

Why Choose Royal Residency if you are Planning A Socially-Distanced Wedding in Gorakhpur?

A wedding brings up images of friends, family, and loved ones, as well as get-togethers, intimate activities, a wonderful table spread, and a magnificent celebration. This year, however, has been extremely difficult for everyone, especially for many brides and grooms who had expected to carry out their vows this year. So, how do those weddings turn out? The answer is, in fact, pretty straightforward and straightforward. A wedding is all about celebrating the union of two souls. This isn’t to say that an intimate wedding with a small number of guests isn’t as interesting as one with a larger number of attendees.

Why a socially distanced wedding?

An intimate wedding with a small number of friends and family (as per government regulations), as well as endless blessings and well wishes, is exactly what a wedding needs to be memorable. But People frequently find themselves at odds with venue and vendor availability due to the rigorous pandemic and lockdown requirements. In these trying times, finding a wedding site that is safe to carry out all of the wedding preparations safely and securely has become quite challenging. The best suggestion here is to pick a venue that can help you manage the suppliers or provide services such as wedding decoration and set-ups on their own. Apart from these, the following are some of the other requirements for a great wedding in this pandemic:

  • Sanitation, cleanliness, and social separation are all important considerations when choosing a venue.
  • The number of visitors should not exceed the government’s quota.
  • The length of the ceremony should be kept to a minimum.
  • For a period of 21 days, the venue should preserve a temporary record of the guests.
  • The Royal residency Gorakhpur‘s F&B department should investigate all of WHO’s sanitization and safety recommendations.

Why Choose Royal residency Gorakhpur

Royal residency Gorakhpur is a trusted and leading 5-star wedding resort in Agra, with all the required precautions and safety measures in place to combat the COVID19 pandemic. When it comes to our guests’ health and safety, Royal residency Gorakhpur take extra precautions.

We’ve started following some helpful suggestions to keep our guests and visitors safe in the future. Like:

At the main entrance, there is thermal screening.

The use of an Aarogya setu app with a green signal is required.

At the entrance, filling out the declaration form

Digital transactions are being carried out.

The proper hygienic practises are being followed.

Seating and service processes are separated by social distance.

The use of disposable products is preferred.

Staff is trained in accordance with FSSAI guidelines.

Cleaning and sanitization of the kitchen/restaurants is carried out in accordance with fssai.

The health and safety of visitors and associates are top priority, and guests’ participation is greatly appreciated. To protect safety and health, the Royal residency Gorakhpur advises guests to maintain great hygiene.

The Royal residency Gorakhpur thinks that, as a consequence of the efforts taken and early intervention strategies in place, India will emerge from this tough situation with as little injury as possible. We will be delighted to welcome you to Hotel Royal residency Gorakhpur, with the same degree of hospitality and care that we have offered to all of our visitors.


During these times, weddings have become the most intimate gatherings, and individuals are taking every care to secure the safety of themselves and their guests.

Royal residency Gorakhpur team, which consists of members with years of experience in wedding planning, can help you deal with the stress by assisting and guiding you in arranging one of the most beautiful days of your lives.

All of our guests can expect the best facilities, amenities, services, and hospitality. You can learn more about Royal residency Gorakhpur’s services for preparing a safe and secure wedding in these times by visiting our website or calling us.

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